You wanted more training on handling common objections for your Network Marketing biz? Well here it is!!

Video: "Objections Part 2"

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master sponsoring series
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Are you ready to become a 


in your Network Marketing biz?

You are going to learn the objection techniques and how to sponsor more reps into your business from one of the industry's best recruiter & top earner; Ray Higdon! 

Ray personally sponsored 28 People in 21 Days (minimum $500 buy-in), Ray's best month with his traditional network marketing company is $52,000 in residual income, Ray's best month TOTAL with his multiple income streams is over $85,000, and Ray has won cars, vacations, and cruises all thanks to ONE SKILL... RAY "MASTERED SPONSORING"

Ray has put EVERYTHING he knows inside a 4-Module Training Course entitled "The Master Sponsoring Series." This training series will radically alter the course of your business and allow you to start sponsoring people on demand into your primary network marketing company the same way Ray has been quietly doing for the past few years.

master sponsoring series


This "Objection Handling/Sponsoring" skill-set is the key to your success, and you deserve to learn it from someone has clearly "Mastered Objection Handling & Sponsoring" so you can duplicate what he's doing, and then get his results ($50,000 / month is a good start ;)
Here's What You Get Inside:
Module 1: The Secret Questions of Master Recruiters
  • The million-dollar questions master recruiters use in every single conversation that virtually guarantees you get results.
  • How to use questions to ensure your success, build instant rapport with your prospect, and sponsor people with ease.
  • How to train yourself to think like a leader so that you can stop sponsoring whiners and start sponsoring powerhouse leaders into your organization.  
       Bonus: Vision Booking
Module 2: Powerfully Driving and Accepting Bonuses / Commissions
  • Infallible daily routine that will make you 100x more productive than you ever dreamed possible.
  • Universal objection handling so that you NEVER feel the pain of being rejected again.
  • Money acceptance immersion, which you MUST experience if you're ever going to be OK with making $50,000+ per month (this is HUGE).
       Bonus: Afformations
Module 3: Persuasion, Attraction Marketing and Leveraging
  • Mirroring, matching, pacing and leading so that you instantly get people to like you and excited to sign up in your business.
  • Basics of mass persuasion, which is the underlying factor for whether or not people will buy stuff from you (this is critical).
  • Sponsoring leverage tricks that will allow you to sponsor 10+ quality people into your organization each and every month like clockwork.
       Bonus: Visioning
Module 4: Prospecting, Test Closing and Building Your Empire
  • Prospecting in a way that ensures you start sponsoring people starting this week (now that you are ready!)
  • Ever get pitched yourself? Here are the 3 easy to follow steps to flip them and get them to jump into your business (w/ Guest Trainer!)
  • The power of the "test close" and why failure to "test close" is the fastest way to scare off leaders and go broke (you MUST avoid this)
        Bonus: Building Your Empire
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master sponsoring series
Regular Price $297  Only $97 Add To Cart Add To Cart

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